Who are we?

We specialize in designing and building portals, websites & business platforms, as well as providing associated services e.g. positioning and optimization of websites. The company was founded in 2004 by a group of professional web developers, whose qualifications allowed for it to take a strong position in the rapidly growing sector of Internet services.

Step by step



Project advancement depends strictly on contact with the client. The four fundamental factors are: trust, responsibility, steady flow of information and control. We emphasize quality and relations in our partnerships.
From first conversation to the last, we focus on fluent communication with clients in order to deliver a product that meets their expectations completely.


Web positioning

Querying any phrase in a serach engine results in tens of thousands of results, if not more. It can make it hard to find what we are looking for and even harder to be found.
For those who are selling products and/or services online, it is crucial to place within ten leading search results. Otherwise, potential customers are likely to look no further and end paying the competition.
Luckily, our web positioning skills can heavily impact your place on the list. And the better it gets, the higher will be your sales.



Cost estimation is no easy task. It largely depends on system's level of complexity, which directly correlates with your needs.
Each case is different. The starting point is always an in-depth analysis of customer's requirements.
All of the above is reason why, if we receive your business inquiry, we will need to contact you and extensively discuss the details of our arrangement.


Our area of expertise


Making Web Portals

We realize the importance of efficiency and scalability of solutions. Prior to working on them, we analyze our projects, their assumptions and requirements - we treat every service individually. All of our practices are based off of expertise and years of experience, clearly shown by the web portals we built so far.


IT services

BiznesPort has been serving both small & medium enterprises for many years. Thanks to experienced team of experts from various IT departments, our services give superior and cheaper results compared to recruiting a single IT specialist.



Online trading is so widespread, nearly everyone takes advantage of shopping without leaving the house. It is a handy and cost-effective way of buying products and services, which most people are quick to realize. There are many E-commerce stores on the Internet, where you can find things that are cheaper and/or of better quality.


Web positioning

Web positioning is one of the most effective ways of promotion on the Internet. It allows for profits, that far outweight any cost incurred. In Poland there is over 25 million Internet users, meaning there is an increasing number of people browsing through products & services online.

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Our skillset


Years of experience

  • Customer trust

  • Reliable websites

  • Expert team



  • Web positioning

  • Web design


Of requisites



  • WordPress/Symfony



  • Web positioning and promotion

  • Marketing

  • Social media


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