About us

We specialize in designing and building portals, websites & business platforms, as well as providing associated services e.g. positioning and optimization of websites. The company was founded in 2004 by a group of professional web developers, whose qualifications allowed for it to take a strong position in the rapidly growing sector of Internet services.


We owe the successful development of our company to a small group of employees, lucky enough to combine their profession with passion. We are adamant on cooperating with ambitious people, who treat their work not as a bitter duty, but a way to feel fullfiled and self-realized.



Our main goal is your satisfaction with the quality of our services. As we become integrated with the project on hand, we use our partnership approach as a motivation in later actions. Tangible financial gains and our constant care will convince you to use our high-calibre services in the future.

Our area of expertise


Making Web Portals

We realize the importance of efficiency and scalability of solutions. Prior to working on them, we analyze our projects, their assumptions and requirements - we treat every service individually. All of our practices are based off of expertise and years of experience, clearly shown by the web portals we built so far.


Making websites and web services

We rely on treating each case individually. Informational, business oriented and promotional web services, are all different solutions with specific target group. We make it so our sites are cohesive and perform their intended business function, meeting the expectations of the recipent and in turn our customer's.



Online trading is so widespread, nearly everyone takes advantage of shopping without leaving the house. It is a handy and cost-effective way of buying products and services, which most people are quick to realize. There are many E-commerce stores on the Internet, where you can find things that are cheaper and/or of better quality.


Creating and designing databases

Databases are an indispensable part of every website, portal, CRM, ERP systems and social networking sites. They store all the information that is the basis for their functioning. Poorly designed databases may lead to the loss of data collected over many years. Sometimes it is impossible to fully recover what was lost due to improper storage. A well-designed database ensures information security as well as the ability to move and copy it easily.


CRM systems

CRM system is a software which gives you a very accurate picture of the customer-company relationship. When it comes to the CRM work system, its functions should primarily enable recording the work of employees, monitoring the time consumption of individual tasks, managing leaves, meetings, payroll and human resources.


Hosting with administration

Hosting is a service for storing and sharing files, website data and databases. A lack of security and incompetent administration of hosting service may lead to a breach of security and loss of data. Leaving administration to us, ensures an ongoing supervision of the service and as a result, prevention of troublesome situations.


Mobile applications

The dynamic development of the mobile phone, as well as the miniaturization of memory media and processors, has contributed to the popularization of mobile devices with Internet access. Mobile devices provide Internet access almost anywhere in the world. It is very important for your website to support mobile & tablet screens.

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Our customers' reviews


Cooperation with this company is pure pleasure. Its employees have been behaving fully professionally ever since the project's development, continuing support after its implementation. Of course, there were some delicate exchanges of opinions during the work, but it was always constructive. I recommend.

Piotr N.

A really good and reliable company. I am satisfied with the results of our cooperation.

Grzesiek Maciejczak

I completed a 3-month internship at BiznesPort and I can highly recommend it to any student who would like to do an internship in this company. A very friendly and understanding boss, a well-coordinated, young team with a sense of humor, guarantee good use of your time. A nice addition is an air-conditioned office in the city center.

Beniamin Woźny

Very nice graphic designs, fast and professional implementation. ENDORSED!

Daniel Chmielewski

Great communication and reliability. I recommend the Biznesport agency!

Krystyna Leron

Our strengths


Years of experience

  • Customer trust

  • Reliable websites

  • Expert team



  • Web positioning

  • Web design


Of requisites



  • WordPress/Symfony



  • Web positioning and promotion

  • Marketing

  • Social media