What's body leasing?

Body leasing is a great way to get an IT expert's services quickly, without having to modify your company's structure. We've got many experienced web & software developers who can design applications, websites, web portals and business management systems. With IT outsourcing, you can choose from a variety of experts and tailor the costs to your needs. Together, we can then determine any other details - for example the project's timeline.

5 reasons for using Body Leasing

Quick start

The project's start date depeneds on customer's demands and the amount of people involved. At the latest, our team will begin working 2 weeks after signing the agreement.

A wide array of competences

You can tailor people hired to your project's needs - some of the technologies our experts specialize in include JavaScript, React, Python, Java, Ruby, Angular, Node.js and PHP. In case you are not sure which ones to use, please contact us - we are eager to assist!

Transparent contract

Employing an IT specialist on your own requires many commitments, e.g. performing the recruitment process, managing working conditions, delegating a person to control work and maintaining a lasting cooperation. Body leasing is an elastic agreement with simple terms that will save you from the aforementioned trouble.


We guarantee monitoring the ongoing work by sharing reports about progress and quantity of work hours spent. Frequency of such reports is up to the customer.


You'll be given a direct line of communication, be it with the employees or their team leader. Contact form is arbitrary.

Start acting

to your advantage!

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